What's your pricing model?

We offer flexible pricing based on your business model, for example:

  • Rental with an agreed periodic fees
  • Tier-based pricing using metrics(for example active loan contracts, number of transactions, earned interest per month etc.)
  • Revenue share
  • Software licence buyout

In what countries do you operate?

We're a Nordic banking technology powerhouse working with global customers.

Where are you based?

Modularbank is powered by Icefire, a company designing and building transformative technologies for banks and fintechs. We're based in Tallinn, Estonia where our core product development team is based and all the work is done.

Do you provide banking licence?

No. Modularbank only provides the platform.

How does the implementation process look like?

Implementation depends on the complexity of work that needs to be done and can range from a couple of business days to several weeks.

Setting up a client-specific vanilla instance of Modularbank takes 1-2 days.

Setting up the platform for an existing financial institution with more advanced products (instalment loans, line of credit, overdraft) can take from days to weeks depending mostly on customisations and additional integrations.

The most time consuming is usually integrations to existing systems and customising business processes.

Please note that implementation costs are considered separately and are covered by our customers.

The implementation is an active cooperation between our customers and Modularbank’s team as we do not consider ourselves only technology providers, but enablers who want to see our customers succeed in their business.

So you can expect not only intense development work, but also consultation on how to improve your products, processes and business in general based on our extensive experience in the financial services area.

Where could Modularbank run?

Modularbank can be deployed to run from either one of these:

  • A cloud provided by us (AWS)
  • Your own cloud provided by your service provider
  • Your own physical infrastructure

What’s the tech stack behind Modularbank?

  • Java 8
  • Spring framework
  • MyBatis framework
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • React framework
  • Camunda processing engine
  • RabbitMQ queueing
  • Amazon hosting and services (other cloud vendors like Google Cloud, Azure are also supported). On-premise deployment options are also available.
  • Docker Containers
  • Swagger for API’s

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