Modularbank is built and powered by Icefire - a company that designs and builds transformative technologies for banks and fintechs. Over the years Icefire has simplified and automated complicated processes for companies like: Luminor, OP Financial Services Group, Swedbank (Group, Finland, Baltics), Nordea, LHV, Bigbank, Pocopay, Coop Pank, Nets, SEB, Arvato Financial Services, Skype, TeliaSonera, Estonian Tax and Customs Board and many others.

The story started in the 1990s, when its’ future core team members helped build Hansabank, a wildly-successful, innovative and technologically-advanced bank that was later acquired by Swedbank.

Icefire was born in 2002. All this experience has lead the people of Icefire to a wealth of knowledge that goes far beyond technology. And in 2018 Icefire turned that expertise into Modularbank which is now at your command.

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