Use cases

Secured & unsecured loans

Our loan module works for completely new lending businesses or for already existing account providers to open a credit line.

It also enables replacing your existing loan system for a more modern and capable one.

Modularbank comes with an embedded process engine that allows to easily handle complex business processes common to the lending area.

Modularbank’s loan module:

  • handles loan origination process
  • manages loan products
  • processes loan applications
  • manages loan offers
  • manages loan contracts (interest accrual, repayments, contract changes etc.)

For more complex loan products such as mortgages or business loans, there is a separate collateral module which takes care of all collateral related tasks.

Modularbank’s collateral module handles:

  • registering assets
  • collateral and assets management
  • reevaluating assets
  • collateral contracts management

To add loan offering to your existing banking systems use Modularbank’s different modules in parallel with existing structures. If needed, this also enables smooth phasing out of your legacy systems.

Adding loans offering to your existing banking systems: Use Modularbank modules in parallel with existing systems

Building a successful credit business from scratch: Use Modularbank as your main banking system.

Supporting credit card

If your card provider is not able to do it already you need to have a solution that is responsible for:

  • authorizing credit transactions,
  • keeping track of limits
  • calculating interests
  • keeping track of repayments, either free or predetermined ones.

With Modularbank that can be achieved by using together our account and loan modules.

Overdraft and line of credit

By building overdraft on the side of your current account offering, your customers always have some extra money available when they should need it.

This can be achieved by plugging Modularbank’s loan module to your existing core solution so that it would take care of:

  • handling interest calculation
  • matching repayments
  • keeping accounting in order
  • releasing and keeping track of limits and all other complex functions that usually need months of software development.

Current account

Modularbank is a fully functional core banking solution.

It takes care of:

  • managing current accounts
  • payment processing
  • transactions
  • keeping track of limits, reservations and fees

So, you can focus on providing the best customer experience rather than inventing the wheel.

Our team can also build you a best of breed card management system. So all of your solutions come from one place.


To start taking in deposits and increase your lending business, Modularbank’s deposit module capably manages:

  • deposit products
  • deposit application processes
  • deposit contract management

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