Why Modularbank?

What is it?

Modularbank is a banking-as-a-service for both new and existing financial institutions.

It has everything a bank or credit institution needs for compliant day-to-dayoperations.

How does it work?

The platform is based on the microservices architecture. Each module is a separate service offered over APIs. This plug-and-play model lets you add new services at ease.

Modularbank includes self- service and back-office web applications that can be easily customised to your needs.

How Does It Help…

New financial institutions
Get a retail banking solution off the shelf.

Existing institutions
Launch business lines or replace legacy systems. Introduce new services without replacing existing systems. Launch new loan and deposit products without development. Get a real-time view of your banking business.

With Modularbank you can add consumer finance i.e. crediting or other financial services to your existing retail business.

SaaS or in-house?
SaaS option removes maintenance burden and minimises operational costs. In-house option provides full control over the platform.

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